General Electric - Industrial Control Products

General Electric - Industrial Control Products

M PACT Air Circuit Breakers

Record Plus Molded Case Circuit Breaker

RED Line Miniature Circuit Breaker

GEA Plus Low Voltage Enclosure Systems

Modular Plus Low Voltage Distribution Board.

Industrial Automation Control Products (IEC)

Industrial Enclosures

Medium Voltage Starter Panel

Load break switch , Disconnecting switch Dilos-Fulos

TAMCO Industrial Enclosures

Compact Enclosure CB , CBS Series

Console Desk Enclosure CS Series

Wireway (Screw Type)

Cable Ladder TQR Series

Cable Tray TSR Series

Industrial Enclosure MDBI / MODO Series

**TAMCO ตู้คุณภาพสำหรับอุตสาหกรรม รับผลิตตู้ตามความต้องการของลูกค้า พร้อมทั้ง Cable Ladder , Wire Way ,Cable Tray

Industrial Product "FUJI"

DUO Series Manual Motor Starter ( MMS )

DUO Series contactors / SC-E series

Magnetic Contactor & Overload Relay SC /SW series.

Molded case circuit breakers

Air Circuit Breaker DH Series

Low voltage current transformer / Instrument transformers

Timer Delay Relays /Miniature control relays

Low voltage arresters CN232,CN233

Push buttons /Selectors/Pilot Lights /Buzzers 16mm

Pushbuttons /Selectors/Pilot Lights /Buzzers 22mm

Pushbuttons /Selectors/Pilot Lights /Buzzers 30mm

Command switch 22/30mm Accessories.

Combination Lamp AP30F and AP40

Multiple function protections and controllers F-MPC60B ,F-MPC30

Protection Relays QH Series

HV Instrument transformers

Air load break switches 3.6/7.2 kV

Power fuses & fuse holders 3.6 and 7.2kV

Power fuses & fuse holders 12 ,24 and 36 kV

Vacuum Circuit Breakers HB and HS Series.

Vacuum Magnetic Contactors HN Series.

Inverters / Dynamic torque-vector control FVR / FRN series.

Inverters / Dynamic torque-vector control FVR -E11 series.


Digital Meter V, A, Hz

Multi meter

Digital Kwh+ Pluse

Energy Meter

Energy+ Demand Controllerr

Energy Management Software


Analog Meters

Low Voltage Current Transformers


Residule Current Devicee

Industrial Enclosures "Rittal"

Polycarbonate enclosures PK / IP66

Compact enclosures AE ,protection category IP66/NEMA 12

Compact system enclosures CM ,single door

One-piece consoles AP /Sheet steel / IP55

Baying System enclosure TS

Base/plinth TS

Busbar systems

Explosion proof enclosure

FAN-and-filter units

Roof mounting Fan / Enclosure heater

TOP THERM cooling system

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